Thank you!

There has been quite a number of people following this blog recently, and I just wanted to thank you guys. I appreciate your interest, especially in my music. Come back soon. ;-)

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Tens of thousands of flying Manta Rays

They’re not exactly flying, more jumping, but that doesn’t make it less impressive. I’m wondering: is their number of occurrence in one large school due to social behavior, survival or hunting purposes?

Falcons hunting Crows

… out of the perspective of the Falcons. Yes, really.

WARNING: If you love Crows a lot, you may not watch this.

I do love them, but I’m fine with it since this is nature and natural behavior. Falcons hunt Crows all the time. I understand, though, if you find that disturbing. Then again, remember … Crows also attack other animals (mammals) and kill them. Circle of life.


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FRISKY Nightlife: Avalon Hollywood & the Los Angeles scene with Riley Warren

FRISKY Nightlife: Avalon Hollywood & the Los Angeles scene with Riley Warren

TLDR: Riley Warren talks about her residency with Reset LA at Avalon Hollywood & what it’s like being in a DJ in Los Angeles.

Riley Warren is girl with many …
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Red Bull Recommends …

Red Bull Recommends …

Thank you, Red Bull Philippines!

Get your morning #house fix with @vogelmann

— Red Bull Philippines (@redbullph) September 29, 2014

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@martinlugtu in da house! (at TIME, Makati Avenue , Makati City)

At Time

It’s on! 3 years TIME, we celebrate. 🙌💃 – at Time – See on Path.

#alpenliebe #wtf (at NAIA Terminal 1)

#alpenliebe #wtf (at NAIA Terminal 1)

Quick Spin with Coskun Simsek

Quick Spin with Coskun Simsek

This week we take a Quick Spin with Coskun Simsek, the dynamic host of Labyrinth whose wonderful deep progressive mixes are always full of beautiful selections, driving flows, and creative …
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This is Space Ibiza: 25 Years of Perfection (Documentary)

My favorite club since, and for ever (most probably). Congrats! P.S.: But what the fuck happened with Darren Hughes? :-P

Apple iPhone 6 & iOS 8 Fails: A Chronology

Apple iPhone 6 & iOS 8 Fails: A Chronology

  1. U2 album stunt becomes a cake flying back into U2’s and Apple’s faces.
  2. iPhone 6 Plus — a $1000 device — bends (too) easily.
  3. iOS 8.0.1 update gets pulled back after release because of serious bugs.

To be expected next: free iPhone 6 Plus case that protects the phone from bending, or a new built of the device with another material than aluminium (or another aluminium).

This post gets updated…

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The Truth About “The Great Escape”

The Truth About “The Great Escape”

There’s not much to tell about this album.


I wrote and produced it on a 3 years old Windows laptop, within less than 2 weeks. Everything is own sound design, not a single preset or sample is used (apart from the spoken vocals). I monitored and mastered on 26 years old Yamaha NS30E speakers. They’re even…

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